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e44we@ G8CYK - 2017-05-28T19-20-53Z_18138.0kHz


The international status of Palestine has been a matter of international contention for a long time now. Avid DXer, Polish amateur Janusz Wegrzyn (sp9fih) set up a DXpedition and worked most of the world in a few days. Here he is, in Peru, apparently,  not Palestine...


All amateur radio stations in Palestine get 100W licence, so operation was "barefoot" -  only the transceiver, no power amplifier.

Hats off to his a brave DX philosophy:

"I believe in unpolluted DXing. As simple as:

  1. ATNO (all time new one) is most important
  2. No remote operation
  3. No SDR remote listening
  4. No cooperatives
  5. No power excess
  6. No duplicate QSOs
  • I believe that it is more important to give a new country to "small pistol" than to give an 8th band QSO to a "big gun" station. By doing this during our dxpeditions, we hope to fulfill the demand for a "new one"
  • I am against remote operation. It is amateur radio challange pollution nowadays
  • Similar to remote - using SDR in other side of the globe to listen is not fair.
  • It should be two way amateur radio contact and not cellular telephone QSO
  • Making QSOs for your friends is not HAM Radio. One should use his own station to make QSO
  • Exciding your license power limit is rude and against low
  • Making duplicate QSOs or not necessary contacts for ATNO is nothing more then selfish and this takes time in which somebody looking for All Time New One could make QSO
  • Exciding your license power limit is rude and against low"

An interesting "exception" state, Palestine has been recognised by some UN members but not others for predictable political reasons. It has been given an internet country domain (ccTLD). But the disputes  continue.





Pretty naff conditions in the twilight, following an HF fade caused by a CME  

I missed ercording the initial exchange, but this is a follow up question...


Just enough signal to escapde the QSB for a 17m contact.

Not a great distance,
but a rare county code.


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