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e31a @ G8CYK - 2017-05-19T20-28-22Z_14183.0kHz
Zorro Y. MIYAZAWA operated from Eritrea - one of the rarest calls on the planet, were he and his team have been performing charitable works since 1993.

Zorro came to Asmara as the first Japanese after the independence, and conducted radio operations with the official call sign, E31A, together with an international team. What he saw there was a completely exhausted poor country. But people were motivated and encouraged to build up a new society for themselves. Highly impressed, he started a vocational training program, so that people, especially young people, could become independent economically, too. " ....

"The E3 is well known as one of the most rare countries.  The entity still remains not open to Hams and DXers of the world.  Zorro’s operation is regarded as an exception.  His permission is officially granted by the authorities of the Eritrean Government in charge, but it is not given to the person simply working for the amateur radio only.  Looking at the background more closely, we see that Zorro has implemented lots of humanitarian aids purely for the sake of the country and its residents which have nothing to do with the amateur radio and that they are highly evaluated and appreciated by the authorities. "

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