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e23xot @ G8CYK - 2017-08-31T14-14-49Z_14135.0kHz

Thailand is a nightmare. The UK is right at the back of all the shouty European callers and it is nearly impossible to hear if your call has been acknowledged in the Tsunami of rude Italians, Portuguese and Spaniards who completely ignore all requests to behave.

So I emailed one station I heard in a pileup, and Pon kindly set up a sched.

In fact Kaweewat (PON) Hantrakool went out of his way to accommodate me and my determination to prove the UK can work the world with 100W and simple antenna (without major sunspot support)  and we took a couple of stabs at picking the slot. But we got there without a stampede.


... no pileup for once! this recording is played twice -
the second time with some extra filtering to try and compensate for the bassy nature of the audio


Not the biggest signals..

...but enough to make contact and prove that science can triumph over brute force and ignorance.




E23XOT Log extract...





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