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ds3exx@ G8CYK - 2017-09-01T15-00-14Z_21153.0kHz

South Korea in a contest

Tae Su Song was a pretty decent signal on 20m during the the annual WAE DX Contest. ... was about 20 minutes before I got a look in - not least because the usual European QRM meant it was hard to hear if I had been acknowledged - and then there was a quiet period when I was able to get noticed. But it was hard work!


A serious antenna setup always helps...

ds3exx produced this 30 meter tower antenna by himself which was built on July 24th 2016, and now is using it.

He says he runs his own electrical business - described at - which does not seem to work with Google translate.

His website at is a very well crafted piece of work. It is possibly the best and most active personal ham website I have ever seen.

Top work.

Pay it visit and use the chrome translate option, it translates very well.

As you will hear, we struggled a bit with teh language barrier and especially with the number 9...

I don't think the signals were weak, but I did check my audio to see if it was a problem. However, it is perfectly good, so I suspect this may have been one of those sounds that the Far Eastern ear is not tuned to. I shall think up a work around, and avoid using it in future.

... this was a struggle, I have noted previously that "nine" is sometimes not well heard in the oriental lug 'ole...


clean signal

G0KYA HAMCAP prop forecast,





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