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cx2ra@ G8CYK - 2017-08-26T19-33-41Z_28436.0kHz

Uruguay on 10m

As one of the smaller South American countries, Uruguay can be hard to land. But there was a sudden 10m opening one evening and South America was accessible. I called many loud stations who all failed to hear me while East Europe piled in. Just as I was about to give up, In tried my luck on a relatively weak station - who heard me!

[[ No picture of Olivera can be found on teh interweb - I will ask if he can let me have one...]]

I turned the recorder on late, but managed to capture that back end of the call.  I will require a trained ear - but I'll take a new country any way I can - especially thanks to an unexpected opening.



I called many stations in Argentina, Uruguay etc with strong signals, and no one heard me. Sometime conditions are asymmetric favouring one direction - but Poland was being heard. At 10m, the landing zone areas can also be quite narrowly defined.

... this was a hard won QSO under trying circumstances - but we got there
and I am grateful to Olivera for having a better receiver than most of the rest of South America..

This is a more processed version of the same recording...

thin signal

G0KYA HAMCAP prop forecast,




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