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The Portuguese outpost of the Azores is one of those places that we've all heard of, yet probably struggle to place accurately on the map.

Jose Pedro Coelho is a fine ambassador for the islands, and ready to answer any questions and welcome fellow hams passing through.

As with all remote island groups, the local radio amateurs play an important role in emergency communications.

Loud and clear

Whilst we are mostly familiar with the Azores as a strategic military base in the mid Atlantic, Jose is an enthusiast for the Azores as a tourist destination. He's right, it has many un expected charms - look it up here.

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Terceira is the second most inhabited island of the Azores, with 56,437 inhabitants (2011 data), the Terceira island has 401.9 sq. Km, with 30.1 km long and 17.6 km at its maximum width. It is the eastern island of the five that form the central group and is the nearest one of São Jorge island, 37.9 km away. The highest point of the island, at 1,021 m altitude, is located in the Serra de Santa Bárbara, at 38°43’47’’ latitude north and 27°19’11’’ longitude west.





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