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co6hlp@ G8CYK - 2017-05-09T23-44-24Z_7135.0kHz




This was an amazing session with fabulous DX all over the shop - which was hinted at by the forecast map. Days like this are not supposed to happen during sunspot minima, are they?

You have to love 40m when its in the mood, late night.


Cuba in one

Brief and to the point. After an evening getting trampled chasing Puerto Rico, this was a delight and not on the cluster. Many grasses,  Hector.

Cheers - Hector, in and out without a pileup for once.

And then 20m with co6lc 017-05-16T23-07-13Z_14195.0kHz 


I would have liked a longer chat, but the infamous Spanish 6kW splatter was all over Hector.




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