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b9hq@ G8CYK - 2017-07-08T17-07-54Z_14320.0kHz

China: HQ Station for the HF Championship CRSA

You've all heard of China?

Well it's tougher to work China than you might think, and the instant  Chinese station appears they disappear under a massive pileup.

Sadly no pictures of any sort were offered and absolutely no further details have been found...

We'd like to know what gear was in use, since it drifted HF by around 400Hz to 1463.4kHz by 18:00z






Wonderfully efficient

The operators of this station were on top form and many had no discernible accent. I don't fancy the chances of a Brit contest station operating in Chinese.

Hat's off for a most efficient service, and my first Chinese contact.

Just admire the efficiency of operation...

Very nice and clear signal -5/9


The prop forecast alongside suggests China had a lot of antenna.


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