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 9q6bb@ G8CYK - 2017-05-12T18-31-30Z_14206.0kHz

Up the jungle......

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a rare catch. Fernando was set upon by the usual piranhas as they attempted to strip the bait.

In a pileup of this size, listening to the lucky stations repeating information on their QRZ pages is extraordinarily frustrating. 

There is little point in attempting to create a blacklist of the worse oafs since they know from experience their oafish behaviour will generally get rewarded - since if they are not acknowledged, they will just continue to be a nuisance. It's a problem.

Wall to wall bad manners

Pile-ups  like this do nothing but harm to the amateur radio  hobby. Fernando was calm and polite throughout, although some of the punters started brawling amongst themselves.

This is the most ill behaved pile up of the week by some margin

The zoo gets even worse....


Surprisingly good signal



Fantasy QSL - just see what a rare and lovely thing you missed Fernando..

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