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9k2od @ G8CYK - 2017-04-25T18-24-25Z_14172.0kHz

Kuwait on 40m

Osama proves my point about fishing yet again...

... and this is his tackle on HF:-

A familiar and distinctive voice from Kuwait.

40m weaves its magic


Yet another pile up

The number of callers is a reflection of the combination of the perceived scarcity and the challenge of DX on 40m A lot of people still don't seem to have caught on to the fact that 40m delivers quality DX pretty much every night after 23:00z (April 17).

Landed at 7:20 ..poor old WI1B is a tryer, eh? But then  at 5:35. Oh dear 8-(

and here is a later (pileup-free) 17m contact with 9k2hs: 2017-05-27T19-03-32Z_18138khz, Hamed A. Alshuwaie

From a previous session, but still accurate enough

Pretty much per forecast


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