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9g5w@ G8CYK - 2017-11-24T11_42_17Z_21275kHz
Kokrobite, Ghana 

Another hard-to-get trickyAfrican state... another Dxpedition manned by a team of 7 Slovenian amateurs.

S54W - Peter on keyboard

I have never seen such a page of sponsors as this team has managed to persuade.

"The main goal of the expedition is to compete in the world’s biggest contest on the short wave frequencies (CQ WW DX CW Contest). Before and after the contest, the team also wants to contact as many amateur radio operators worldwide as possible and in different modes of communication. Operation and will be focused for LowBands."

down and up...

A DX machine at work...

Straight in ... 

No messing about on 15m today!



Workable signal


That is prop map to savour, if it's true. MUF permitting.





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