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8p6nw @ G8CYK - 2017-04-16T21-35-14Z_14186.0kHz

An Accidental QSO where I bag Barbados...

Glenroy (Glen) 8p6nw kindly relayed my efforts to contact John hk3c in Columbia who was listening out specifically after I sent an email request. 

I failed miserably to make Columbia, but I did get as far as Barbadios and although at the time I didn't realise I had got another one in the bag, we had the recorded proof that two-way contact had been. made.




The one that got away:

Pure carnage - I nearly gave up and was about to mark this as "got away" when...

 The one that didn't:

 ..on reviewing the main recording, I realised we had made it, so....


On the edge - so pretty much as predicted




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