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7z1tt @ G8CYK - 2017-04-27T18-38-11Z_14150.0kHz.

Saudi Arabia -

Hamdi wades through a fair old pile up and I just wait until it thins out and the tonsils of South Europe are exhausted.


It's not a long haul to Saudi, but we don't get to hear the locals very often, when conditions are this favourable. Hamdi is a very smooth and efficient handler... until the cyk effect strikes...

(It seems G8 is a rare prefix on HF - a number of US stations hadn't got one before me! Maybe it's just unexpected?)

Right in teh sw3eet spot again

Really big signal

I just waited for the frenzy to subside,, and confess I was pleasantly surprised to get called

The infamously tricky g8cyk call sign trips another contact....

Fabulous signal from Saudi and many customers served....

Today was a good day for 20, Europe still working US at 22:30z


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