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7l4vyk @ G8CYK - 2017-05-04T13-02-36Z_18156kHz

Japan finds me...

Well, I was quite surprised. I found 17m was buzzing, and I put out a CQ and my NBF Hiroshi Matsuzaki was there in under a minute. I fell off my perch.


This was an amazing session with fabulous DX all over the shop - which was hinted at by the forecast map. Days like this are not supposed to happen during sunspot minima, are they?



Watashi wa 7 L 4 to no saisho no renraku ni hijō ni kansha shite imasu!

Is that me?

Well, I really didn't expect this call sign. I had no clue 7L4 was from Japan, and vyk suffix sounded like "cyk" being read back to me. It seems that all call signs ending in "yk" are doomed to confuse! I got a dose of my own call sign confusion medicine.

A really delightful first encounter with Hiroshi on 20m




Nice signal, no problems of any sort -
best of all, no shouty southern european party crashers!


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