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6y5ic@ G8CYK - 2017-09-23T19-57-23Z_14155.0kHz


Wenty Bethune is the distinctive voice of Jamaica and another DX catch usually found buried under a mountain of loud Europeans with no manners. But he kindly agreed to try the email dating game. And once again, it worked first time.

As well as avoiding the usual pile up shenanigans, we managed a proper conversation.

VOA has been a tad pessimistic lately- but we got the job done....


I was again waiting ready to pounce, and we made it first time. This is such a better way to work DX - and make 100W go a long way - literally. We continued the QSO on Whatsap in case Wenty's call sign and distinctive voice were spotted, and another frenzy followed.


... band conditions were not great, but we had no real problems making first contact..

... this is an example of what we avoided...


Good signal


G0KYA HAMCAP prop forecast,


Please excuse me pinching this QSL until I get one of my own...


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