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6w1ql@ G8CYK - 2017-10-25T10-18-27Z_212420kHz

Senegal on 15m, by special request

As you can see from the prop prediction, Senegal is not technically tricky DX - like the nearby Burkina Faso.  Once a French possession, unlike land-locked Burkina Faso, Senegal is a thriving a country of some 20m on Africa’s west coast with a rich French colonial heritage and many natural attractions. Dakar, the capital, features the ancient Médina district and esteemed Musée Théodore Monod, displaying African art. Dakar is also known for its nightlife, centred on native mbalax music. Saint-Louis, formerly the capital of French West Africa, has an old town with colonial architecture.

My host, 6w1ql - Jul Dialo - checks his email even during a pileup, and my plea was spotted. Hoorah!


A rare chance to see the core of Senegal radio Amateurs gathered in one place...

Borrowed from an IARU page, when PB2T visited Senegal and used the opportunity to meet with the Senegalese regulatory and telecom authorities and the national amateur society.

ARAS kindly hosted a dinner. The participants can be seen on the photo. (standing: 6W1QL, 6W1OO, 6W1OM, 6W7JX, 6W1GF, sitting: 6W1HM, 6W1FJ, PB2T, 6W1KI, 6W1PZ)...

Finesse triumphs over brute force and spaghetti and vinho verde

So my grateful thanks to Jul for sparing my tonsils further torment in the unequal task against the usual gathering of the Death Stars. Listen beyond our QSO at the start to enjoy another DX feeding frenzy.

It's nice to get called...


Good signal



The prop forecast for the time and frequency was favourable.

sample of a vintage QSL



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