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5z4-iw5bbv@ G8CYK - 2017-10-15T18-37-11Z_14204kHz


This is a rare country - not a big distance challenge, but there are few active amateurs in Kenya, although the previously draconian licence conditions have been eased in 2017 and this may improve.

Bruno Serena and xyl were in Kenya with a volunteer medical team to work in a small clinic in the Midas region, and took the opportunity to take along a rig and give all of those looking to have a Kenya contact in the trophy cupboard a chance.

I hope Bruno appreciates he is the only Italian amateur (so far) with a rare Commonwealth QSL card! 

VOA was not hopeful...

Not too much hassle

20m had been dead all day, so it was a surprise to see a S African station appear, and then this. It was a struggle but I guessed Bruno would be using low power but would have a low local noise level.

The familiar trouble with getting my call sign over...

And some general traffic showing just how tricky this was.


Workable signal - just. Much QSB



The QSL from the 2016 DXpedition



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