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5t2ai @ G8CYK - 2017-03-29T17-18-05Z
West Sahara yesterday, Mauritania today. Mali tomorrow? Relatively late for QSB prone 17m, and there were no other signals in 17m.

But a familiar pileup ensued, mostly Italians and Spanish.

Efforts by Ahmad Al-Ghanim to point out he was listening 5kHz up fell on some deaf ears as you can hear from the extended recording.

The excellent VOACAP Online shows the specific route forecast conditions....  which predicted accurately.




This time the REVERSE path (RX in UK) a different forecast suggesting it is marginally tougher for Europe > Africa. There's not a lot in it - but a few dB makes all the difference at the extremes.
Hooked and netted

...a bit naughty, he was calling for "outside europe" but I could see there were no takers on the SDR waterfall at 18.145kHz - so I stepped in. After all, I had been banging away for 30 minutes, probably with a lot less power than some of the "death star" DX chasers, and as a senior G8 (1968) I think us venerable operators deserve a special blue badge pass in these queues. Don't you?

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Pileup mayhem, well managed
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A viable signal, if not huge, and another from a later netting


Another day 2017-04-12T17-51-42Z_18130.0kHz

It looks like this was a reliable forecast - agrees with VOA at around 50%


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