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3da0tm@ G8CYK - 2017-09-18T17-31-48Z_14157.0kHz


Andy Cory is another great DX catch - and kindly agreed to try the email dating game. It worked first time.

As well as avoiding the usual pile up shenanigans, we managed a proper conversation and would have gone on but band conditions were still not great following a week of solar flares.

17m might have been a better choice - but we got the job done....

And now Swaziland also on FT8.... 05JAN18 21.0176206MHz

I was waiting ready to pounce, and we made it in one.

This is such a better way to work DX - and make 100W go a long way - literally.

... band conditions were not great, but we had no real problems making first contact..



Enough for a decent QSO

G0KYA HAMCAP prop forecast,


Please excuse me pinching this QSL until I get one of my own...


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