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3b9fr@ G8CYK - 2017-05-10T15-51-41Z_14197.0kHz

Rodriguez Island (Mauritius)

Robert Felicite is the equivalent of blood in the water for the usual DX sharks.  He has a great message on his QRZ page:

"Although Robert enjoys meeting people on the air he asks that people bear in mind that for some, 3B9FR is a new DXCC, not least a new IOTA and/or Band Slot. For this reason he asks that people remember this when making triple/quadruple (and many more) qso's on the same band and mode when the pile up is heavy. Is is more than happy to work everyone but please bear in mind the size of the pile up and allow some others to make the qso as well. Thank you!"


Rodrigues Island is a small volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, east of Mauritius, of which it is a territory. Google Maps covers it pretty well, pop 41700

On the north coast, the capital Port Mathurin features colonial buildings including the former governor’s residence. In the southwest, the François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve is home to fruit bats and giant tortoises, plus underground caves like the stalactite-filled Grande Caverne.

It looks absolutely bloody lovely, with white sandy beaches at East end.

You can book your trip with Expedia here..! 2 weeks for 2 adults in July costs a very modest £1500.  What are you waiting for?


Got lucky!

Straight in there... after an afternoon getting trampled chasing Mongolia, this was a much bigger delight and not on the cluster. Listen at 2:50

Cheers - Robert. I can't believe I grabbed this so easily!

Well, it wasn't a fluke, this follow up 2017-05-26T16-05-33Z_14195.0kHz


Workable signal saved by SDR options - once again almost blotted by a ludicrously big  signal on 14.200 from S Europe. Grrrr...


The prop forecast alongside is one to bring joy to the DX starved masses of the UK


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