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9x0ta @ G8CYK - 2018-04-07T18-00-15Z_18105.0kHz

Rwanda on 17m

As you might imagine, Rwanda is not full of radio amateurs. It is extremely sought after, and Alan Norman could probably charge $10 a contact if only HF rigs had credit cards readers built in. (Now there is an idea...)

I chased  him around on FT8 for a while one day and realised he was buried in a pile up of Brazilians and Europeans that I stood little chance of getting past. But I stuck at it...

Alan on bike supporting to the cycling races in Rwanda including the Tour du Rwanda


I don't need to say much more here, because all you want to know is on Alan's Rwanda DX blog website at

Ths is an urbane website where Alan chronicles the life and times of an expat ham in Rwanda.

I found it when I was looking for ways to contact to see if I could set up sched after trying the hard way... when I read the opening para, I realised here was a ham after my own heart...

"Every time someone steps on a QSO in progress… I take a drink of something strong…

The more it happens, the closer I get to ignoring the QSOs and paying attention to the drink.

So please, think of my liver, be nice to your fellow operators out there, let them get their QSO, I’ll get to you, really I will.

This isn’t a DXpedition, I live here.

73, 9X0TA, Alan

What’s a chap to do to get a contact?

164730 Tx 403 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
164745 4 -0.2 972 ~ HB9FEC 9X0TA 73
164800 Tx 403 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
164815 3 -0.2 972 ~ PT7KM 9X0TA -14
164830 Tx 403 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
164845 -19 -0.2 971 ~ PT7KM 9X0TA -18
164900 Tx 342 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
164930 Tx 342 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
164915 -8 -0.2 1037 ~ PT7KM 9X0TA -18
164945 -10 -0.2 1037 ~ PT7KM 9X0TA RRR
165000 Tx 346 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
165015 3 -0.2 1037 ~ PT7KM 9X0TA 73
165030 Tx 709 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
165045 3 -0.2 1037 ~ F4HQO 9X0TA -22
165100 Tx 709 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
165115 2 -0.2 1037 ~ F4HQO 9X0TA RRR
165130 Tx 709 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
165138 Tx 1037 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
165145 1 -0.2 1037 ~ F4HQO 9X0TA 73
165215 0 -0.2 1036 ~ IK0OZD 9X0TA R+04
165245 1 -0.2 1036 ~ IK0OZD 9X0TA 73
165300 Tx 1243 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
165315 4 -0.2 1036 ~ GW0RUD 9X0TA -15
165330 Tx 1243 ~ 9X0TA G8CYK JO01
165345 9 -0.2 1037 ~ GW0RUD 9X0TA RRR

Another Rwanda resident
that doesn't enjoy being messed around....



The voice contact....

Conditions were unexpectedly excellent on 17m this evening, and no pileup pressure.

Alan suffers high noise from dirty power lines in an urban area... and despite trying to hide at one end of the band,
we were joined by a random spotter. But it all worked out.

The FT8 contact

PSKreporter is a wonderful resource...

Here's another case of me handing out a much better report I get back. Alan is not running 24dB more power than me as the numbers suggest; most of that is likely to be down to the local noise he suffers.

I suspect the IC7300 here may also have have better defences than his FT991?


The 17m FT8 contact was simple this time


A perfectly nice SSB signal in an otherwise  totally deserted band...

The Infotech analysis was more optimistic than VOA:


A Pachyderm Tribander


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